Friday, May 11, 2007

For all those nights

If you're willing to chase me,
I promise I'll run slow

never say goodbye
because goodbye means going away,
and going away means forgetting.
-Peter Pan

It's more that I'm afraid of time, and not having enough of it. Time to figure out who I'm supposed to be, to find my place in this world before I have to leave it. I'm afraid of what I'll miss

Almost everyone you know,
without exception,
Has their heart all
wrapped around someone
Who will never love them back.

friend is all you'll ever be..
but I'll always secretly wish the way
you want her would be the way you want me...

I still remember the things you said.
They replay back in my head.
Your smile you used to send my way is with me all the time.
I remember all the things we did, back to the first time we met.
The memories are all I have left, how could I forget?

The best part is when you touch me,
How you hold me so
How at that very moment I want nothing more,
Than to be with you day and night.

I think everyone has a certain part of their lives where they truly wish they could just freeze time.
whether it was three years ago, today, or still to come, whether it was just a moment,
a whole day,
or a whole summer. everyone
has a time in their life where they wish everything would just stop.
the world would stop turning & people
would stop changing.
because to them, at that time, everything was perfect

People always ask, do you still like him?
& honestly, I don’t really know, but there’s
just something about him, I can’t let go

I don`'t care about the distance
I just care about you
I`d rather fight with you
than kiss anybody else.
All I want is
one chance
one nite
one kiss
to show you how much
you really mean to me

she's the kind of girl who is
constantly making mistakes &
having them shoved in her face

boy: whats your biggest fantasy
girl: to be kissed in the rain; how about you?
boy: to be the one kissing you in the rain

run outside at 3 in the morning blowing bubbles.
dance in the street in your underwear
yelling "FREEDOM!".
make an icecream sandwhich.
pretend you're a fish.
eat too many cupcakes.
take a shower in the sprinkler.
give yourself a spa in a blow up mini pool.
have a screaming contest.
eat a tube of whipped cream.
make up your own slang words.
be anything but ordinary.

She's a disaster.
She loses faith in herself every day. Her life is a mess and
she doesn't even care. No one understands her. And people
say stuff to put her down and no one even notices that she
might be breaking inside. Or they never notice that maybe she
needs a hug from someone. Or maybe all she needs is someone
to sit next to her and listen to her. Maybe that’s all she needs...

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